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A Few Questions

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Hey. I'm new to this forum, and new to dogs all together. I'm allergic, though, but no asthma. Also, the dog would need to be mainly outdoors, though letting it in occasionally wouldn't be a problem. I checked out the AKC recommended dogs for people like myself. I tend to despise small, whiny dogs. I found a few dogs that I liked though, but most required too much pickiness and care.

One day, I stumbled upon the labradoodle/goldendoodle. It sounded perfect for me: nicely sized, better for allergenic people, and good temperaments. However, I have a few questions about them:

I'm aware of the F1/F1B classes, but what would be better, the labra- or the golden- for my criteria? Also, although I've talked to some breeders, are they okay for mainly outside dogs? During the winter, and as a pup, it would be fine to have them inside. During the day, however, no one is home. I'm still in school, my dad works, as does my mom. Of course, during the summer we'd be home.

Finally, is there that big of a difference in which breeder I choose? There are about four in my area, and they all seem fairly competent. Are there certain things I should be looking for in them?

Thanks a lot.
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I don't raise goldens so can't answer that part of your question.

I will say that doodles in general like to be around their families so I'm not sure how happy it would be being outside most of the time. Being home all day by itself could pose problems as they do get bored easily and like to play. Would you be able to do doggy daycare or have someone stop by a couple times a day? I f not you might be better to wait as this young age is very important training time like housebreaking.

As far as the breeders get a health guarantee in writing (2 years) is nice.
Ask lots of questions to see what their knowledge is about doodles.
Get references and call them.
Ask about vaccination schedule and talk to their vet also see if they do puppy checks around 6 weeks of age.
Are both parents on site and do they allow visit (if not ask why) some won't allow visit because of Parvo.
Do they health test their dogs and get copies of results.
I'm sure there is more just can't think this morning maybe someone else will add something for you.
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Hi, and thanks for asking good questions. :)

I do not sell our puppies to people as outdoor dogs, because poodles do not have coats that could be sufficient in warmth for your climate, and we have f1b, or mostly-poodle puppies. You could possibly find one that has a thick enough coat, mostly resembling either a Golden or a Lab, but with that kind of "outdoor" coat you would also have shedding.

I don't think this is the answer you want, and I might be unusual as a breeder but I applaud you for the honest way you are presenting what you are looking for.

Like you, our family is a "big-dog" family. Are any of the larger terriers a possibility? I don't know about their coats withstanding a NY winter.

thanks for writing! :D
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