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A day for ducks.....and doodles!

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We've had one of those dreary Saturdays - it has rained ALL DAY! I think we have gotten about 2 inches today, and it may actually turn into snow later tonight! After a few obligatory trips to the grocery store - and Petco for dog food, of course, we have all hunkered down to watch movies - all but Tyke that is!
She LOVES this weather! She has been out four or five times, just to run around the backyard in the rain! Of course, then she gets in touch with her "poodle side" because we get the blow dryer out for her. She loves the hair dryer! All in all, a good day for a water loving doodle! And, she might get to see some snow after all!
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I was surprised myself at Tyke's love for the hairdryer - I'll have to get Mom to take a picture - Tyke literally stands up in my lap with her head on my shoulder, and she just MELTS! She doesn't like it around her head or her ears, however, so I have to make sure to use my hands to shield her ears! Not like she is spoiled, or anything!
Mary, the snow came so close to you all! My sister in Charlotte called and said they had beautiful snowflakes coming down, but as of about 5 PM, it wasn't sticking to anything, but her giant cockapoo (who we think is really a doodle) Shoney! He came in with little snowballs all over him!!
Gene - hope your mud turns into something a little more fun for you and the doodles soon!
Linda, try it on LOW first - doesn't make so much noise! And I guess their heads and ears must be a little sensitive. Our groomer told me she had to hand dry Tyke's head and ears - she didnt' like it anywhere around her face or ears! Otherwise, it must just be pure bliss!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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