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a couple of questions...

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i've only just discovered the labradoodles, and i was wondering if anyone here knows if there is any breeders in Sweden? i've been allergic to all kinds of animals for all my life, but dispite that i've always wanted a dog. so you can imagine my happiness when hearing about the labradoodles :D . are all labradoodles non-allergenic, or only some?? i should probably mention that when being around a mix beteen poodle and german sheperd, my allergies were not at all as serious as otherwise. so could a labradoodle be a good dog for me?

marie louise
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It very well could be the dog for you.
I would suggest a last generation of labradoodle tho. The first cross (F1) aren't as reliable when i comes to shedding and hypoallergenic tendencies.
I would got for a f1b. I don't know a whole lot about the generations, but I know somebody here will help!
Hi Marie Louise, welcome!
My husband is allergic to most animals too and he has not bee allergic to our Labradoodles at all.
I agree with Tina that a F1B or higher would be your best bet. F1s can be good for allergies, but it is difficult to predict. It is the infusion of Poodle into the breed that makes them better on allergies...but allergies are caused by many things and if it is the dander, dust, or saliva you are allergic to, a Labradoodle may cause a reaction the same as any other dog.
I don't know if there are breeders in Sweeden, I have not heard of any, but you might want to contact the ILA or LAA since they are the biggest associations of Labradoodle breeders. and
Good luck! (Oh, if you decide to buy one and can't find a breeder in your country, most breeders will ship puppies to you so don't feel limited by distance.)
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