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3 CRATES and 1 NUTCASE??? warning graphic pics

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OKay hopefully y'all have a good sense of humor with this post!!
Between all the talk about CRATES and NOW Being SNOWED IN
well the devilish side in me came out! ( i know, so what else i new) :wink:

To CRATE or NOT To Crate is no longer a question here as i played Goldilocks with Beau and Peanut's crate hahahahaa

my son and Dave thought it was funny to also lock the crate too hahhaa

WANTED: Get out of Jail Card Besides Beau's crate is too small for me :wink:

3's Company when Max and Beau both decided to join me in Peanut's crate. and get a load of the look on max's face hahahaa
I do believe he had 2nd thoughts AFTER he climbed in with me and Beau and refused to get out hahahahaa

Peanut watches from Above in her favorite way: in my son's arms

Peanut gets in on the Act

Lastly the fun part: GETTING OUT
NOTE: let Doodles go OUT 1st then you can easily crawl out hahahaaa

WARNING: Do NOT ATTEMPT This at HOME UNLESS you KNOW at least one person in your household loves you enough to unlock a crate door
do some Warm UP Stretching Exercises first
:wink: :mrgreen:
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Linda said:
Ewww, that gives me the heebie jeebies..looks like the drawers at the morgue! :shock: :lol:
Annmarie, I guess you are crate trained now? :lol: I love how your fingers are curled around the wire! :lol:
well let's put it this way ....EVEN though i laugh so hard at times, NO accidents YET :shock: and I don't yell "let me out now". :wink:
guess that means i am trained hahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaa :mrgreen:
Are these children relatives of yours? :lol:

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NOPE as mine were tied to the Maple tree when i worked out in the yard hahahhahaaa now am i serious or joking? heh heh heh

on a serious note: my parents did build a HUGE Xpen for me in North Carolina so my mom could hang clothes outside and keep an eye on me.
Guess what? if she even blinked I was gone like a houdini!! i always managed to climb out hahahha Once i had stopped a tractor trailer in the road with my tricycle playing imaginery traffic cop hahahhaPOOR MOM hahhaha
A vet in our town just got charged with child abuse for putting his 4yo in a cage at his office because he was acting up!! :shock: Glad he's not my vet!!
Scary Gene!
The photo is from a Mom's blog who SAYS her children LOVE to play in the crate :lol:, of course, I figured they were relatives of Annmarie's :lol:
....Just thought I would post that so DYFS isn't knocking on MY door :lol:
Snow? What Snow?...mtd[/img]
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mtd885 said:
ROTFLMAO...Snow? What Snow?...mtd
What a gorgeous photo!

And I wonder what's wrong with putting an acting out kid in a cage for a few minutes as time out. Unless he was KEEPING the little devil in there....

Nowadays almost ANYTHING can constitute child abuse

so did my family do MOM ABUSE by closing the crate door and locking it?
Or did i do doodle abuse by breaking the golded rule of going into a dog crate? hahahhahaaa

oh hell i had fun and provided many a laugh for my family and the forum hhahahaaaaaaaaaaa y'all only live once :wink:
You guys make me laugh no matter how my day is going!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Some people's children should be locked in crates
gene said:


Oh Gene only you could have thought of that one!!!! :lol: :lol: Well maybe after AnnMarie crawled in the crate and posted the pictures...
OMGLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! You have to be one of the funniest people ever!
Another better late than never... My kids in Charlie's 36" crate:

And yes both by sons are ADULT size. They are 19 and 23. The other child is my 8 year old granddaughter.

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Bwhahahahahaha! They are beautiful! (Even inside a crate!)
OMG DEB ...that is totally hysterical!!! DAVE said we have to stop OUR genetic experiements hahhahahaaaaaaaaa it reminds me of Dr Moreau hahhahaa

and I kept looking at those pics going " THOSE aren't little kids" and then you stated their ages!! tooooooooooo funny!! i love it!!

OK, WHO's NEXT?????????????
would love to see another crossbreeding effect crated hahahahaa
Annmarie, I knew you could relate. What's the saying? "Great minds think alike?" Or maybe its a case of doodle-envy?

Deb....what did they do to deserve that time out.....shaken their presents?? :wink: :lol:
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