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3 CRATES and 1 NUTCASE??? warning graphic pics

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OKay hopefully y'all have a good sense of humor with this post!!
Between all the talk about CRATES and NOW Being SNOWED IN
well the devilish side in me came out! ( i know, so what else i new) :wink:

To CRATE or NOT To Crate is no longer a question here as i played Goldilocks with Beau and Peanut's crate hahahahaa

my son and Dave thought it was funny to also lock the crate too hahhaa

WANTED: Get out of Jail Card Besides Beau's crate is too small for me :wink:

3's Company when Max and Beau both decided to join me in Peanut's crate. and get a load of the look on max's face hahahaa
I do believe he had 2nd thoughts AFTER he climbed in with me and Beau and refused to get out hahahahaa

Peanut watches from Above in her favorite way: in my son's arms

Peanut gets in on the Act

Lastly the fun part: GETTING OUT
NOTE: let Doodles go OUT 1st then you can easily crawl out hahahaaa

WARNING: Do NOT ATTEMPT This at HOME UNLESS you KNOW at least one person in your household loves you enough to unlock a crate door
do some Warm UP Stretching Exercises first
:wink: :mrgreen:
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I went in Denver's crate once and he climbed in
Luckily no one else was home to lock us in.
He thought his Mama was pretty goofy to do that.............
as I am sure your three did teehee
Way to go Gene............
Annmarie you a nut...............
Some people's children should be locked in crates
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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