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2nd Annual Kansas Doodle Romp!!!

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It's that time of year again and Linda and I are planning our Doodle Romp for April 29th. It will be held at the Family Training Center in Valley Center again this year and we are hoping for as big a success this year as last. So come on out and join us for a day of fun with our doodles!!!! Anyone wanting more info or would like to RSVP, please contact me or Linda (gracielou). Hope to see you there!!
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AAARRGGGHHH...I want to come!!! You guys have the BEST romps! I am so jealous!
I didn't get an update on this post, sorry. If you didn't have puppies on the ground, maybe you could fly in for the romp. We'd love to have you! Maybe next year there won't be little ones on the ground and you will be done with your studies. WOW, wouldn't that be fun :lol: :lol:
Do you have to have a reservation/RSVP to attend the Romp? The 28th is my son's birthday so I'm not sure exactly what the weeekend holds, but i want to mention this and see if the hubby and boys would like to drive up (over?) for it. We don't have our Doodle yet, but I thought going to a romp would be a good way for us to all see the different colors and sizes, etc.

Thanks for the info!

Hi Kelly and welcome :) We would LOVE for you guys to come! A romp is the perfect place to go if you are thinking about a Doodle. What better way to get "up close and personal" with a Doodle :wink: We have some really interesting things going on and lots of great things to win. You would be able to meet lots of Doodles and ask lots of questions from owners, breeders, trainers and groomers. If you are a Doodle lover, there is no better place to be. Have you been on my site? I have pictures posted of last years romp. Please send me a private message and I would be happy to send you an e-mail with all the stuff that will be going on and where the romp will be held. Where are you from? I look forward to hearing from you and I hope we will see you there :D :D
I wish I lived would be so great to meet all of you wonderful breeders! Darn! :p

What goes on at doodle romps?
Hi Lauren, welcome to the forums! I just read all your posts and I'm so sorry you have strep throat on Easter, how awful. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. I wish you lived closer also, you'd love our romp, we have a blast and so do the Doodles :!: :D
Thanks. I am very dissapointed because i dnt get to see my relatives now :(
Maybe next time I can go, it sounds like so much fun! I would love to get to meet you and the other breeders
Kelly, I thought I'd let you know also that we will have a lot of F1's and some F1B's but if you were wanting to look at a group of Multi gen Labradoodles I think I will be the only one there with one. We would love to have you if you are able to make it but wanted you to know that also.
Just wanted to remind everyone of the Kansas Doodle Romp this Saturday, April 29th. Hope to see you there!! Go to my website to read more about it, just click on the www below :wink:
Hey Di and Linda! How was your ROMP??? :D
Have you rested up yet?? :wink:

I think you hold it at an indoor arena right?? Where can we see PICTURES??!! :D
Hey girlfriend, thanks for asking :) Despite the weather, it was great and everyone had a good time. We had lot's of door prizes, thanks to Mark's donation of the t-shirts, which by the way, are great!! I have to get back with Mark on the feedback we received and I need to get pictures posted and will do that hopefully later today. I think everyone went home with something :) My Phoebe won Queen of the 2006 Doodle Romp, I was so proud :D She is such a pretty girl :!: I have not recouped yet, we've had company here since last Wed. working on my new building and they just left yesterday so I have a zillion things to do and will try to get everything caught up in the next couple of days. I will let you all know when the pics are posted on my website. Wish you could have all been there. Oh yeah, our cake turned out FABULOUS. I will definately post a pic of it. I had sent the girl that did the cake a picture of Niki and she put it on edible paper and it was just beautiful.

Where were you Lee Ann, we missed you?!!!!! Hope all is well :)
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I am so glad that your romp was a success! I know how hard it is to put something like this together! Sorry that the weather didn't cooperate...but glad that you had a good alternative.
You do so many wonderful and fun things!
Congratulations to Phoebe!
I got my shirts in the mail yesterday...cute!
Sure wish I could get together with you guys for a doodle romp...I am always so jealous of the fun you have...but now I am getting to know some doodle folks around our area...and I think I'll plan one for August or Sept!
I look forward to the pics!
Jac--let me know what I can do to help. You don't have to do this all on your own. Do you want to give me a couple of parks to check out? I'll force my hubby on a Sunday drive or two!
Thank you Diane!! Wow, what a nice offer! Sure, if you are able to visit a park or two, that would be great. I have a listing and need to do some searching too. Here is a list, if any of these are interesting to you, it would be great if you could visit some!,0,0,1,0,0
I am looking for one that we can let them run off leash, but perhaps reserve for our group...maybe even places where they do training, like Diane and Linda use in KS...must be a safe place (fenced) with water and a little shade, I think.
Thanks again!
I'm not sure where all of the N. CA doodle owners are located (except for you and JettsMom) but Fairfield/Vacaville seem pretty central. I found two dog parks there: Lagoon Valley and Janine Jordan. I'll make a point of checking them out within the next month or so and I'll provide feedback. (I can also check out any Sacrameto parks but that would cause some folks a lot of drive time.)
Thanks, Diane!
I have one owner in Ukiah (quite a ways north) but the others are in Lodi, Sonoma and Santa Rosa (you already know that Vicky is in Sacramento)...also one in Southern CA and one in they probably couldn't make it.
But I think I would invite any interested folks...and the location seems reasonable...
Thank you!!!!
hey, it all sounds GREAT!
Kelly, a romp is a great - really great - way to meet and see a variety of doodles! Did you get to go?

Here, in our nearby County-managed dog park we just parked ourselves at the dogpark and had great fun watching and meeting doodles and doodle-lovers. No fun stunts or contests. :cry: But that was STILL a blast! So there's no such thing as a "bad" Doodle Romp! Linda and Diane have had great events with games and fun, and even a few workshops to they are really the CREAM of the crop...and Lee Ann's event sounds like it's going to be fabulous too! hey, are you guys still going to go to Lee Ann's romp? Lee, did you get to the Wichita Party?
Just wanted to let you guys know that the Ks. Doodle Romp pics are now ready for viewing on my website. Just click the www at the bottom of this post and go to the Available Puppies page and click on the link :D :D

Hope you enjoy :!: :!:
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