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2-Liter Bottles -- the Best Toys!

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They are cheap. They last for days. They make noise. They are loads of fun!

Just remember to remove the cap and ring from the top before giving to your doodle!

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amen bryan!!! been doing that with Max for 6mos now!!! best darn toy there is until he somehow rips it :shock: i don't mind though as it takes him about 1/2 hour to do that and has fun till i take it away.
Doodledad said:
Hershey can chew on one of these cheap toys for days. She has yet to
tear through one, but then again she is just now getting her adult teeth
in. We have abandoned all thoughts of soft, fluffy, stuffed toys forever.

bryan when Max was young i would throw out defuzzed toys ...DON"T!
they love the "dead" cracasses best as i later learned. So once a bit of defuzzing starts, i grab toy finish it for them, then hand back toy Peanut loves these best .

and now back to our reguraly stationed TOPIC
here we love the HUGE Hawaiian Punch jugs that have handles as Max walks around eith the handle in his mouth then bangs into walls etc finally peanut attacks him and the real fun begins
max maybe takes 2nd place with...Under 30min

ok who's up for 3rd place?
blueteal said:
I like my answer better

Hubby would like your answer though!!!!
I second SUE"S motion: tell hubby find a brand with a sturdier bottle or you can say you'll buy more doodle toys? :wink:
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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