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2 Black Labradoodles needing a rehome in Eau Claire, Wis.

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Hi everyone,

I received an email from a wonderful lady 'Terri' who runs a rescue shelter. She just got in two black labradoodle puppy's that will need to be rehomed. Here is a copy of her email

"We just took in 2 labradoodle puppies from a commercial breeder. They were too old to be sold to the pet stores. One was born Oct. 16, and one was born Dec. 10. The older one will be neutered before adoption and the younger one will be adopted with a neuter agreement. The adoption fee should be around $250. If you are interested, please let me know and I can email you a picture. I will have them on our petfinder page soon. I am also attaching the adoption application."
WI Retired Breeders Rescue

One of the dogs is named Charlie and the other is Sherman. They look like beautiful dogs. I have pictures of both that I can email to anyone who might be interested. They are so cute. Thanks everyone,

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Hi. Those two pups are on petfinder, and also listed on the poomix rescue site.
Scroll down to charlie and sherman. They are absolutely adorable!!!
Thanks Shannon,

She mentioned she was going to put them on there, but I didn't get a chance to look yet. Thanks Shannon, I hope they find a good home- they are so darn cute.

They are adorable!!! I added them on Tuesday, and I also put them on the rescue chat board. I am sure they will get a good home.
I just sent Sherman to my husband...I think I might have fallen for him (Sherman--well and my husband too but that was years ago).
That would be great!! Sherman is a doll! I check on the site everyday to see if they are still there. I cannot believe such a cutie would still be there. Good Luck!!!
To think awhile ago I never wanted a dog and now I'm thinking of a second one! Since he does all the majority of the pup related work and works from home I really have to defer to his decision.
I really hope he says yes!! I started with one dog because I thought it was a good idea for the kids to not be scared of them, and I love dogs, but now I have 4, and I am crazy!!! LOL
Oh, they are so cute!
I look at all of those pictures and am so grateful for your hard work, Shannon. These babies really need good homes...and they deserve them!
Well...not good news :cry:
He thought Sherman was adorable too but said he's not quite ready for another puppy...yet. Could be that yesterday Chester decided to chew up a newspaper---plastic wrapper and all (we're waiting on the outcome---not sure if he ate the plastic or it blew away). Then today at the dog park he found the ONLY deep mud puddle in the place... :lol:
He's the one who really does all the doggie maintenance so I can't really argue with him about it. I'll keep watching the re-homes for an older doodle and we'll see how that goes.
I have been in the same situation, but I am the dog care giver here. I just have a hard time convincing him when I ahve Phantom that thinks the garbage can is his dinner bowl. LOL
It really makes me sick when I go to the rescues and see how many dogs there are on the rehome boards. :cry:
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