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1700 square feet-2 doodles, 3kids, 2 adults...

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So is a 1700 square feet house able to hold two doodles, three kids and parents? That is the question.?. :D :shock:

I was cleaning out the upstairs closet and I was thinking I must be crazy. But then I know another dog won't change anything other then more poo to pick up outside, more socks missing and a few other things.(that reminds me I better do that a few time this week and next. ((We are putting up of fence next weekend.)) Only 17 more days till we get our little boy)

I guess I am a bit excited. I have got almost everything. I still need the Kennel and a Black Kong. I have time. But I feel like I need to get it all now. But if I would I would go crazy just waiting. Right now I can tell myself you don't have everything so you can't get him yet.

We told our boys they just can't wait to met him. We keep talking about what he will be like. They can't wait to play with him. Cacao loves to play but as my oldest has said she is a girl. I guess us girls need to stay together.

Anyway 17 more days and I am excited. Can you tell? lol :lol: :D
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know what? my house is TOO BIG :shock:
and so lately when Max steals a sock, he then gives it to Peanut who waits around the corner
I then go the other way to head her off at the next pass
BEAU somehow manages to have the sock , then Max gets it

long story short: big houses with big open floor plan ....lets doodles PLAN Major relay races with socks! hahhaaaaaaaa

on a serious note...if you're house were 860sq ft yes i'd say that was small as that was the size of my 1st home.

Doodles also are nimble/agile and rarely knock things over in doodle runs and wrestling matches along with tug of war championships.

and I can FEEL your excitement way over here Samantha hahhaaaaa
OH did you tell Cacao yet? :shock: :wink: :lol: :D
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