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Hi Everyone,

been coming here intermittently since getting our doodle at 8 weeks old. He’s now about14 months old.

we started training him right away with only positive reinforcement. Got Barkbusters after a little while when he started showing signs of dominance at a very early age. He’s always been very very mouthy.

barkbusters seemed to make things significantly worse so we moved to a more serious trainer that used leash corrections and stern voice. It seemed to help, but 6 months later, he’s still exhibiting very dominant and sometimes scary behaviours.

we teach him tricks, train a lot, he’s rarely home alone and if he is, it’s for a few hours at best. We both work from home. We feed him a high quality raw food diet and feed him once a day now.

He’s a 70 lb F1B doodle. Now fixed (at 13 months old)

During the day, he’s rather good. He sleeps, but when he hears a noise he charges the window and barks incessantly.

In the evenings, he’s usually quite good, but quite often he just changes on a dime and starts jumping and biting. It’s almost impossible to stop him and it’s scary. The only thing we have found recently to stop him is to throw a book on the ground and he gets startled and stops.
We are quite firm with him now - rules boundaries, he’s not allowed on furniture until we invite him. He’s not allowed on the bed. We are quite strict to enforce rules because of his bad behaviours.

he’s not food or toy possessive at all. I could stick my hands in his bowl and he won’t even flinch. Taking a bone away is also not an issue.

This past weekend my wife and I had to leave town, we left him with my parents and they have reported that they are scared of him and don’t want to watch him overnight again.

my wife is in tears because I consider him a liability now, and we really don’t know what to do anymore. We give this dog all of our lives, money, attention, love. Never abused him. Some people say to wait until he’s 2, but my parents took him to a dog park and reported now that he showed aggression towards another dog that came to my mom for some attention and pets.
Please please give us some guidance. I have had dogs my entire life, but I’ve never had an a$$h0le like this. I don’t find him to be very affectionate. When he is, he’s lovable, but when he’s not he leaves me fuming to the point that I don’t even want to be in the same room as him.

he seems to challenge me with stare downs and I can see his kind thinking to start mouthing hard. Sometimes I can stop it before it starts, but often not.

he’s also known to lunge at people on walks. And sometimes other dogs too. We’ve found that if we walk with a rabbit fur tug toy and keep it in his mouth, it really really helps.

Please please give us some guidance, encouragement or Insights. We’re tired doodle owners who just wanted a loving companion.

We’re in toronto and the breader was cucciolini who insists that all her dogs are perfect
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