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12mo old TRAINED DOODLE in need of a home

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HI everyone...i just received a call from my breeder. Seems she is taking in a mixed doodle she breed a year ago.
HENRY IS 12mos OLD ,neutered, is HOUSEBROKEN and Trained, RINGS a bell to go out, is also used to a dog run and invisible fence.
he is a half sibling to Max, Peanut and Beau. His dad is a tall lean apricot/red std poodle and his mother a goregous aurburn irsh setter. YES you read that right, for some reason there are certain people up here that asked for this breed in Western NY.

HE is gorgeous, reddish golden color, has alot of POODLE in him and is medium sized , approx 45-48lbs, lean build and a really happy go lucky guy
he's grown up with 2 small children now 2yrs old and 4yrs old and really good with them.

Hopefully i will be taking a picture of him either tonight or tomorrow and posting it.

I did call the owner and told them about doodle 500 runs being normal. HENRY did obedience training as a puppy too.
I cannot take on 4 dogs especially with my present situation.

Please if you know of anyone PM me ok? The parents are of champion lines, i know both the parentsof this doodle quite well. They are excellent laid back natured. Both are great with their puppies too.


PS LESLIE aka LMTOTH2 adopted Kirby last august which is the same breed as Henry

for now i have a preview

PS yes i also contacted Shannon via phone as well[/quote]
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He is pretty - I hope you find him a home very soon
:) Look at Kirby w/all that's finally starting to grow back in from his last haircut.

Please post photos of Henry when you have them - I am dying to see if he looks like Kirby.

Oh yeah - if anyone is interested in Henry and is more interested in the temperment of an Irish Setterdoodle, don't hesitate to PM me :) I hope Henry finds a good home!!
oops I thought that was a pic of Henry - we know Kirby is adorable :)
Best wishes on finding Henry a home soon. Sorry, can't help here.
Good luck finding him a home Annmarie
so, should we just put a poll up and get it over with.............
Like, how long till Annmarie adopts her fourth doodle?????????

I know you'll find a home for him......and no, I can't do it so don't show up on my doorstep! My family would have me committed for sure! :lol:
Gene, your avatar has space for a fourth muzzle in the upper left corner.... :wink:
Calimom said:
Gene, your avatar has space for a fourth muzzle in the upper left corner.... :wink:
That's reserved for mine.... :roll:
well IF you hear of anyone wanting a sweet boy just PM me as i'd love him to find a home and will post pics tomorrow

as the owner was willing to let him go for Free if it meant he is getting a really good home. he'd be great with a playmate or someone who likes to take long walks, play fetch, or has older kids. He's been well socialized and i believe he's neurtered too.

WOW...the owners of HENRY just called and they're KEEPING HIM!!
they realized they can't let him go AND yesssssssssss they're calling
the place where i go to classes with Beau and Max!!! and hopefully will sign him up along with going out to buy a Merrick TANK BONE and some KONG toys
also they want to read some blog articles and maybe lurk here
as i told them about our forum and how we all go thru puppyhood frustrations and help each other Laugh about it!!!

GENE my new blondie jr, ........I didn't tell them about Jonah and your old couch :wink:

also i offerred this family to bring HENRY here one day to play with my 3 doodles.
I did tell them that this forum has helped me laughed at times when i wanted to cry.
thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
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GREAT NEWS ANNMARIE!!!!!!! I'm so happy Henry gets to stay with his family and he gets to go to school and get new toys! :D
Does this mean we won't get to see his picture? :cry:

I'm glad to hear his family is going to work with him. Putting in all that time already,Henry is probably right on the edge of being the dog they always wanted.
I am WAITING FOR a PIC :D as i also would love for leslie to see another full grown Irish Setter Doodle
also , if it doesn't work out with Henry, well let's say they're going to stay in touch with me :D
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