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hey, welcome! I see our doodle-owners are stepping in and helping you! Both sides of this advice are really good. Grabbing and tugging or wrestling the leash is a dominance game Buzby would play in the litter, and if you engage in it you are welcoming him to try to "best" you and take his place ABOVE you in your family "pack" so to speak. Whenever we are placing toys we give toys to the new owners but we always caution against tug-o-war games, since dogs perceive those quite differently than humans. CHAIN leashes are a good idea too, but do they make them in the 6' length? That's the standard length for training - or used to be.

Honestly, I think I would probably not use a leash more than necessary with Buzby if he were mine, until we were in a full-blown training mode. I would suggest just focusing on the housetraining rules and let your trainer observe and suggest for that behavior.

hope you will look around and visit more!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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