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10 week old puppy

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:D Hi To introduce myself and Buzby.

Buzby is a 10 week old cream labradoodle who joined us 10 days ago.

He is our first ever dog and we are starting puppy kindergarden in 2 weeks. He is very healthy and already well loved.

However, He will violently attact the leash, and not let it go, trying to turn it into a tug of war. We have been trying a quick tug and strong No but to no avail. He sounds although he is fighting for his life, when this is occuring. Any advice please, I'm sorry if this is normal puppy behaviour, It is very new to us. Thanks Carole
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Welcome to the forum.. The one thing you may want to try is either bitter apple sprayed on the leash, or some tabasco sauce. Use something the pup will not like the taste of.
Toby still tries this "game" and he is 8 months old. The bitter apple is a good idea and continue persistently with your drop it command. Do not tug back, just hold firmly and refuse to step. Stand still and hold still. If you tug...the game goes on :shock:
I think part of this comes from the Lab side a ot of Labs will just carry their leash without being trained to do so it can be cute when their older and trained but not so cute when little and trying to train. Just don't give in let him know your the Alpha once he learns that life will be good. :lol:
Welcome! I would suggest getting a chain leash. They figure out that it's not so fun to chew on a chain instead of a nylon or leather one! It should stop after using the chain leash, and then you can go back to using the normal leash.

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Thanks everyone

I will take on this great advice. I sure Buzby and I will be visiting here often.
hey, welcome! I see our doodle-owners are stepping in and helping you! Both sides of this advice are really good. Grabbing and tugging or wrestling the leash is a dominance game Buzby would play in the litter, and if you engage in it you are welcoming him to try to "best" you and take his place ABOVE you in your family "pack" so to speak. Whenever we are placing toys we give toys to the new owners but we always caution against tug-o-war games, since dogs perceive those quite differently than humans. CHAIN leashes are a good idea too, but do they make them in the 6' length? That's the standard length for training - or used to be.

Honestly, I think I would probably not use a leash more than necessary with Buzby if he were mine, until we were in a full-blown training mode. I would suggest just focusing on the housetraining rules and let your trainer observe and suggest for that behavior.

hope you will look around and visit more!
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Hi. It also sounds like your dog has a strong prey drive. Biscuit likes to try and bit us. It's just play but I make him grab his leash instead of us. It works and teaches him what he can bite.
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