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My husband and I will be new F1b labradoodle parents beginning next weekend. I've been a "silent" participant in your posts for the past few weeks and am so thankful I've come accross your site. Thanks for all the good stuff! We're still learning quite a bit, but for now I have a few questions (with, I'm sure, many more to come in the near future).

1. What puppy food do you recommend for labradoodles? We purchased a small bag of Nutro Nature's Choice and expect we'll mix that with whatever the breeder was usuing for the first week or so.

2. We're traveling to my in-law's house in the Poconos one week after we get our puppy. Is it safe / smart to bring the puppy with us? I wouldn't leave him outside except to go to the bathroom, but I've read about the infections they can get even if you're careful. We're going to talk to our vet also, as the breeder said that it would be better to travel with them after they get their 2nd round of vaccinations. Thoughts?

3. Sort of tagging on the previous question...originally, we were planning to have my family over the same evening of the morning that we're picking up Riley. Is that a bad idea for the puppy?

Thanks for all your help!

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Hi Julie, congratulations on your new puppy!
You are doing a good job of researching and asking questions...this will help you transition well.
The food issue is not too tough. There are many good foods on the market and good information on the net to help you compare. Nutro is a good brand.
I personally would not wish to expose the puppy to the illnesses that the family could bring...depending on the puppy's age...I have been regularly getting vacinations for my puppies (before they go to their homes) but they are still not fully protected until they have their final shot.
I recently changed vets and my new vet is also a breeder and she told me that even if my puppies have all of their shots, they are not immune until they reach 4 months of age.
So, you are really gambling...not that anyone in your family would intentionally come to see your puppy if they had been around disease, but because the diseases are really nasty...and the virus/germs can be tracked in fromt he outside, I don't feel right in giving a blanket "all clear" to the idea.
Disease is often carried by wild animals, but can also come from healthy animals that have been walking on trails or in other areas where a sick animal could have been.
Also, about the would be really fun for you and your puppy, but again I'd be really cautious about things in the wild, plus ticks and sure that your puppy is on heartworm meds and flea and tick control too.
You can give puppies shots to prevent disease from ticks...ask your vet.
I dont' want you to be paranoid, but I know that these diseases are really hard on puppies when they get just seems more senisble to wait until the pup is old enough to have a better chance.
If your vet gives you the go-ahead, just use common sense precautions.
I know that I sound like an alarmist...but Parvo is a very frightening threat to these is a horrible illness and often results in death to the puppy.
One more caution...this is something that is a concern everywhere, but especially if you take your pup with you to the mountains, be very careful of places with standing water. Lots of disease infects puppies through their ingestion of standing water.
Now that I have you scared to death...(sorry)...don't be overly concerned, just cautious. Follow your vet's advice and use your common prepared with information, watch your puppy for any changes...everything will be fine. :wink:
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