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1 more week...

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until we get Kirby :D

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Leslie, me and my family CANNOT wait to see you and your hubby's face when KIRBY runs up to and also meets DEXTER.
I am getting sooooooooo excited hahahahaaa

I have a few really good surprises for you that'll you love. :D :D :D
and best of all, we cannot wait to see YOUR NEW AVITAR of BOTH DEXTER and KIRBY together!!! yessssssssssssss!! :D :D :D

Leslie is going to be a new doodle mommie next weekend :D :D :D
KNOW what? it's moments like this that make me soooooooo happy I found this forum and all the wonderful people here. SO maybe things do happen for a reason.

Leslie i'll take more pics for you tomorrow night ok? and put them on photobucket. They're doing doodle 500 runs on and off all night here hahhaa with a dead duck hahahhahaaaaaa. It's like watching a doodle 500 relay race.

OH and LESLIE i'll be home by 2:30pm on Friday August 17th.
Ok i have a new pic here for LESLIE

KIRBY says: HI DEX and LESLIE , can't wait till next Friday :D

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annieG said:
Tim and I are watching very carefully and taking notes...we will do it in the not to distant future and am anxious to see and learn.
are you going to Foster or get another doodle Annie?
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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