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  1. Questions About Your Labradoodle
    Hi all!! It’s been a week since I got my puppy. I’m new to this breed and have a few questions! My boy, East is 10 weeks old he’s a standard F1 labradoodle. He’s a chocolate color with gorgeous green eyes! His coat is currently straight with several waves, some areas on his body are coarse but...
  2. Questions About Your Labradoodle
    Hello guys, I am a almost new mom to a beautiful mini f1b labradoodle. I am very curious what kind of coat you guys think she haves. Her sisters are a lot more curlier. She is now almost 6 weeks. I will attache some photos. I hope someone can/will help me out.
  3. Questions About Your Labradoodle
    Hello everyone, I am almost a new mom to a beautiful mini f1b labradoodle puppy. She is beautiful and almost 6 weeks old. i am very curious about her coat type and possible shedding and ofcourse beloning tips. Can you guys take a guess and help me out? I will put up some photos.
  4. Stories About our Labradoodles
    Hello! Just curious what everyone thinks his cost type will end up being. He is 7 weeks and starting to get some brown or fading around his ears! He is the fluffiest if the bunch!
1-4 of 4 Results